We offer the highest prices paid for gold and silver in the North Bay Area. We have operated as a trusted business for over 20 years and have a reputation built on integrity, service and value.

We buy the following:

All U.S. gold coins and bullion coins.

All U.S. silver coins and bullion coins.

All U.S. and foreign platinum coins.

All foreign silver and gold bullion coins.

All gold, silver, and platinum bars or rounds.

All U.S. war, buffalo, shield or liberty head nickels.

All U.S. Indian head pennies.

All Lincoln cents pre 1959.

All early U.S. silver, gold, copper or nickel coins.

All 19th & 20th century U.S. type coins.

All Key date and rare date coins.

All U.S. mint products.

All certified coins.

All 90% silver U.S. coins.

All 40% silver U.S. coins.

All gold, silver and platinum jewelry.

All silver flatware or holloware.

Estate collections.

Here’s How To Sell To Us:

  • Call us toll free at 888-870-2646 to receive our easy-to-follow instructions or via email or Visit one of our local offices in Sonoma County
  • Pack and ship your valuables by insured US Mail or by FedEx with our instructions to protect your items and to expedite the process.
  • When your shipment arrives, we evaluate your items and contact you the same day with the current purchase price.
  • On your approval, we will send payment by regular mail, Express Mail, FedEx, or by bank wire. You can choose which option works best for you.